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Gorgeous Trio

Meditation is a natural approach to a better health. It can give you a sense of calm, peace and balance, I call it the Gorgeous Trio. The way a person breathes during meditation can reduce tension and can help the body find balance. Are you a person who is in a constant state of anxiety and stress? If so, this type of mental state can cause your body to hurt itself through these negative responses. Meditation can reduce the affects of stress, anxiety, and unneeded worry. At One Selfless Love, I will be there to assist you along your journey and you can expect a sacred bond of trust between you and your Certified Meditation Instructor.


Meditation Classes

Beginners should start with Meditation 101, and then move to additional practices.  Full classes are on hold until further notice. a small classes with relatives or close friends can be arranged. Contact us for pricing and details.

Meditation 101


Per Class

Up to 1 hr. session

Learn basics of meditation

Begin to see the benefits of the practice


Meditation 102


Per Class

Up to 1 hr session




Special Package


Per Month

Unlimited access to classes

Classes expire after the end of the month

Access to advanced classes