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DC3 Blog

Just my family and I enjoying life

Our Latest Blog Entry

April 13, 2021 - Marnyc's inspirational quotes

Meditation is a great and wonderful way to gain insight on things.  Yesterday after meditating with my daughters, I always ask for takeaways.... my 11 year old daughter said "life is not life unless you make it life", (some people at first when you read the quote you may not get it but take a deep breath - exhale and read it again) when I asked what did she get from that quote her answer blew me away, before she finished she said mom you should tell people that "it doesn't matter how many times you got hurt, it matters how many times you heal".  Wow, I love my wonderful daughters and their insight and wisdom at a young age.  So, to everyone out there let's start healing any underlining issues or past hurts, because what matters is not the hurt acknowledge it and now let the healing process begin because to HEAL is what MATTERS.

April 27, 2021 - Late Night Thoughts

When you heal, it is not saying that you never hurt and the pain didn't occur.  It is saying that the hurt and pain you felt no longer has power over you.  It means that you are taking back control over your life.  You can be victorious, start the healing process.